Poligoni Design

Project Description

Poligoni Design deals in a complete design and furnishing. The company has an overview and a great foresight, not only to try to complete the picture, but above all to contextualize our products with the spaces that go to live. The lines of the products are so unique that they easily combine with any type of environment: from classic to modern, from rustic to kitch, from minimal to baroque. The products of Poligoni Design are made to be inserted in any type of environment, to give a note of character and beauty even to less original spaces.

Poligoni Design has integrated the Eubiq system in the choice of furniture for the Carpediem photographic studio, in particular it has applied the SH wall profile under the PC workstations and behind an expositive shelving to make customer reception more elegant and tidy. The other profile chosen is RH, the built-in product, inserted into a table often used by employees to develop projects and ideas.

Product used

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